Day Three

From unworthiness ——> Worthiness

Adyashanti calls feeling of unworthiness the epidemic of the West. Culturally speaking it is a generational wounds that reinforces feelings of being not good enough. We often think we are alone in this struggle, but when we look closely at all the ways people are attempting to avoid feeling — we can see how prevalent this psychological struggle is in our culture. How can we begin to shape a world that experiences worthiness. First and foremost we must see through the illusion of “not being good enough.” This We must learn to choose our thoughts wisely once they haphazardly enter the mind. We cannot control the thoughts that enter, but we can choose thoughts once a thought enters. We have to be willing to work toward expanding our own sense of worth. I want to encourage you to see through the eyes of God (or whatever you believe or call that omnipresent source). See yourself through this Light, as opposed to the dark unworthiness lens. Taking time to expose the dark will bring each of us closer to the Light.

Written Exercise

Take a few moments to explore childhood memories of feeling unworthy.