Day Two |


Caring for ourselves requires certain qualities and when these are missing often related to childhood wounds or just simply ways of relating that are out of our awareness - we silently wonder and/or wait for others to devote their time to our needs. Unfortunately, relationships operate in a very different fashion than this.We are constantly teaching others how we want to be treated. We do this by our actions and inactions. And when we place value upon our desires and needs then they learn through our choices.

Let’s take a deeper look into things that you deem important. We are continually evolving and it is vital that we integrate aspects of the Self that have may have been quietened or shadowed along the way.

Written Exercises

I invite you to give yourself permission to dream and wonder for a few moments …

What are day to day things that would help you discover and connect to the feeling of being nourished? (this can be anything from having a moment to apply lotion uninterrupted, to a biweekly massage, or ten minutes to sit and read) Please write out everything that comes to mind.

List your top three in order of importance, write them on a piece of paper and tape that to a space where you will be reminded throughout the day


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Take the sacred plant flower bundle, make sure to be smart and safe as you carry out this intention. Ask that the essences of the plants help to clear any energetic blocks or feelings of inferiority that are keeping you from living and being your best self. Please allow yourself to make this very personal. Any words or thoughts that rise to the surface, speak them aloud or silently. Light the bundle, watch it burn and image those blocks being dissolved and carry away in the magic of the fire and smoke. A cleanse for deep healing, letting go and restoring. Give thanks for a higher power (or honor your beliefs in your own unique way), give thanks for Mother Earth, the plants and all. Return any ashes or burnt plants back to the earth, perhaps under a tree.