Welcome! I'm Leslie Storms.

M.S. Marriage + Family Therapy | Holistic Registered Nurse | Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher -500hr | Adyashanti Student 

I share these as way of exhibiting my commitment and wholeheardedness toward helping others and myself.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in life and for many years I chose to push back at life. I have always felt a sense of God or spirit. My first letter to God was at the tender age of 6. Through following this mysterious spiritual impulse I finally feel such a sense of Grace.

My mission has shifted over the past 2 years. I long to share all that I know and have explored upon this bumpy wild and crazy journey. I am committed to Living Gracefully.

I currently practice Ashtanga yoga at home 6 days a week and have been blessed to study underneath the beloved Tim Feldmann for years. My path is leaning more toward the spiritual side at this time. I partake in a yearly online retreat as well as an in person silent retreat each year with my spiritual teacher Adyashanti. I am devoted to a daily practice of stillness. My understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection is vast.

Joey (our rescue dog) and I reside in Plano, Texas with the love of our life Duncan Ramsey. Together we three have created a life of mutual respect, honor and love!