Welcome, I’m glad you are here

blessings to all

LESLIE STORMS +++ M.S. in Marriage + Family Therapy | Holistic R | E-RYT 500 hour and most gratefully and humbly an Adyashanti student

MISSION: To Share my personal journey toward experiencing greater Love | Grace | Peace | Acceptance + Forgiveness (God)

As well as my love for natural medicine and products that have helped me maintain balance and vitality.

My entire adult life has been devoted toward:

Healing childhood trauma | Learning to love myself | Learning to speak my Truth | Staying committed to discipline | and learning to let go and let God. I can’t even begin to explain how many self help books, workshops, retreats etc I have explored and now I’m excited to share bits and pieces with you all.

I can honestly say, I feel I have learned to surrender into moments of Grace (on most days). However, freedom is paradoxical just as life — I invite you to begin to let go of holding onto any beliefs that there is a constant state of bliss.

The website is my commitment toward sharing, inspiring and cultivating LOVE.

Thank you so much for being here. Namaste

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