Welcome! I'm Leslie Storms. I love learning, creating, consciousness expansion, practicing Ashtanga yoga and sitting in stillness daily. On any given day you can find me stomping around in nature, kissing my fur baby, and practicing yoga. I have had the chance to experience much of the world (Italy, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Bali - to name a few) and through these amazing adventures I have grown to love a life of Graceful living

I am a registered nurse, Ashtanga yoga practioner, certified yoga teacher and hold a master's degree in marriage and family therapy. I have been blessed to study underneath the beloved Tim Feldmann for years. My understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection can be felt by observing my practice.  

My wish is for you to find a way to connect to peace that is ever present. I feel our birthright is to feel and know love - a deep love and I pray that we all come together as one. Blessings to all xoxo Leslie

Joey and I reside in Plano, Texas with the love of our life Duncan Ramsey. Together we three have created a life of mutual respect, honor and love! xoxxo