Botanical Prayer

an offering of love


 DIY Botanical Prayer Garland

What you will need:

  • fair-trade flowers or wildflowers from nature (make sure the flower is study enough to maintain its shape in the midst of being strung with a fine thread - if you take from nature, please ask permission, bless the plant you took from and find a way to give back to Mother Earth through a donation or a replanting

  • a simple thread or very thin string along with a needle for sewing

  • a loving heart and a list of people, events or things you would like to extend love or prayers to

Carefully remove the blooms or flowers from the stem, they typically just pop off, thread the needle, select a flower, pause, close your eyes, share your offering (or prayer) silently or aloud, image the love from your heart infusing into the person or things, open your eyes. Begin to sew the thread through the flower, continue with this process until you have completed your offerings. Soon enough the flowers will begin to resemble a necklace like shape. Securely tie it off. May be used for decor, as a sacred offering, hung in the shower, placed in water or a bird bath, or any other way that resonates with your heart. Enjoy!