Blessed Botanical | Bathtub soak as an offering

Blessed Botanical | Bathtub soak as an offering

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Created with the intention of "you" feeling love not just any love, the ultimate love of yourself. Let go, relax and feel the rhythmic rising and falling of your breath. Soak in the power of prayer, intention and the essences of natures finest botanicals.

Directions: Fill the reusable organic muslin bag with the delightful botanicals, steep in warm tub so as to enjoy your special quiet moment. The filled pouch may also be used as an exfoliating wash cloth. Once finished, discard botanicals and hand bag to dry for your next experience. 

Ingredients: blossoms of jasmine, lavender, calendula and rose + jasmine rice + non-gmo Himalayan bath salt + sage + oatstraw + frankincense & myrrh resin | organic ingredients as always

Jar sizes vary because I attempt to use recycled jars



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