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Botanical Love Ritual

Botanical Love Ritual



nourish the deepest parts of our soul.

The cold moon comes one day after winter solstice this year. Winter solstice shares the shortest of daylight and the longest of nightfall. What can we learn from the dark, from our shadow side? How beautiful and mesmerizing is the big bright full moon? The night sky creates an intense contrast for its perfect illumination of this place we call home. The metaphors and opportunities to learn from nature — truly astound me!

In my own life, it is the losses and the coldest of dark nights that I have discovered the bright Light that lives inside. The universe is wise, ancient and trustworthy. As the sun sets this evening, I will be offering a sacred plant ritual. I have been partaking in rituals for years, and just a few days ago I ask myself, “Why am I not sharing these divine ceremonies with others?” Hence the start of something near and dear to my heart.

My intentions is to offer a space where others feel a part of the actual ritual — may a deep sense of nourishment and love fall into the hearts of those choosing to commit to spirit. Our world desperately needs those called to share an authentic love to brightly shine, just as the full moon.

I am excited to share this sacred space with you. Please join me anytime in the next few day, here are a few simple and quick ways to commune with this ritual. Please feel free to explore your own heart and offer in a way that feels organic and supportive to you.

Ways to connect to this sacred ritual:

  • Sit in silence for 5 -10 minutes anytime throughout the day -make this your special time, if you pray perhaps offer a prayer to Mother Earth, to the plants being used and to the others who are joining far and wide

  • Mindfully + intentionally enjoy a cup of tea (if possible, use a blend of tea that contains at least one of the herbs being offered in the ritual)

  • Paint, color, sketch or create something that offers your heart nourishment

  • Jot down a list titled: “Ways to Love Myself a Little More” realize the ripple effect this has upon your own willingness to give freely to others

  • Do something special for YOURSELF - purchase a ethically harvested rose, enjoy it and just before it withers lovingly free the petals from the bud, toss them into a bath (you can even make your bath another ritual)

Please feel free to let your creative energies flow. I only ask that you keep the intention in mind when you formulate your own unique way of joining in this sacred ritual.

Rituals are such a beautiful way to honor ourselves, pay homage to those who came before us and to connect to something greater. On the surface we are connecting to the vibratory nature of the plants, to Mother Earth’s pulse, to the silence that speaks loudly, to the heavens, the moon and the stars. Sigh … what could be more transformative than pausing in the magnitude of this knowing. To realize that our existence matters. It makes a difference. We are here to love, to fall in love with ourselves, to share love with others and to honor that very gift of Love. Thank you to everyone joining. Thank you for making a difference in the world. Thank you for forgiving when you don’t want or feel like it. Thank you for doing “It” because others can’t or won’t - I see you! I am you. Sat Nam

The medicinal plants shared with me for this sacred clearing:

SAGE - gathered, grown and harvested from my herbal garden at our home. Traditionally this plant was used ceremonially by Native Americans to clear people and spaces of negative energy and/or unwanted illness

ROSEMARY - gathered from my herbal garden. Traditionally burned in Greek temples as an offering to the goddesses and gods - rosemary oil emits a powerful cleansing vibration and rids of negativity

OREGANO - gathered from my herbal garden shares happiness, protection and tranquility to name a few.

FALLEN ASPEN limbs with leaves - gathered from the ground at a nearby park. The aspen tree is representative of conquering fear. It is the most widely distributed tree in North America. Named after the Greek word ASPEN, meaning “shield” - historically shields were constructed from aspen wood. I chose these leaves a symbol of our own innate ability to shield, whether from the storms of life or the negative energy of others. Additionally, the brown fallen leaves represent birth and rebirth

HAWTHORN BERRIES - “In Celtic mythology it is one of the most sacred trees an symbolizes love and protection.” (source thepresenttree.com)

DRIED ROSES - the layers within each delicate rose symbolizes our own unique spiritual unfoldings - and as everyone knows roses are the ultimate expression of love and through our own willingness to love ourselves we open our heart to love and honor others. God is good.

The plants used for this occasion have been respectfully and carefully chosen, most are herbs I have grown and nurtur

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Honoring Plants used in Rituals

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