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Gracefully Aging

Gracefully Aging

You are as young

as you think

I am astounded by our societies obsession with youthfulness. There are pros and cons to every decade, but BEAUTY blossoms in how a person chooses to live after facing hardships of life. What makes some remain youthful and others not? We all hold the potential to gracefully age but it requires an open and willing heart. 

We are creative spiritual Beings. We each have infinite energy when we choose to step away from maladaptive behaviors.

The mind is the single most important factor that helps slow down the aging process.

Sounds straightforward, but it's not. Initial thoughts that enter the mind are outside of our control; however, we do have choice in what we do with them once they enter. We can begin to weave a gorgeous tapestry through thought of gratitude, acceptance, positive self-talk and/or affirmations or we can sew together thoughts of lack, victimhood and hopelessness.

There are many ways we sabotage our God given opportunity of aging gracefully. And thankfully there are proven ways to help us connect back to the heart. I want to share the most common culprits of speeding up the aging process that occurs within the mind ---- along with ideas to transform them. 

Worrying - if you consider yourself a person who worries then grab a good book and immerse yourself in the story. This will help move the mind away from the circular thoughts of worry. When choosing books make sure each book stimulates the mind, resulting in reflecting and returning upon truly matters in life.

Boredom - again a great book is a wonderful option, enroll in a beginners meditation class and find a way to serve God - help others. Remember the intention and the energy of serving creates a shift within your consciousness which then affects the whole.

Being Resistant to the natural flow of energy - someone who fights their way through life, attempts to control situations, manipulates and demands that life be their way. People with this negative attribute tend to do things in a monotonous fashion. Please understand that there is a natural universal flowing energy to life. Ultimately, we are not in control and it is our responsibility to learn to trust life by embracing the joys and sorrows. Adaptability - I cannot suggest this enough to the person facing this sort of behavior. A daily practice of meditation | stillness - will bring a freedom and malleability to your life.

Belief that all the joys of life have passed you by - expanding beyond the mindset of hopelessness begins with gratitude. Implement a gratitude journal, volunteer and surround yourself with others who exhibit a joyful nature. I recently read that joy is linked with the belief in a higher power and happiness is related to an actual event. To expand beyond hopelessness practice an affirmation such as, "*I am renewed and strengthened by Thy life-giving energy."  

And a final few suggestions: smiling, cheerfulness and enthusiasm are game changers as we age making these a part of daily life is essential! There will be moments when we do not feel like doing any of these, but it is vital to our evolution that we show up - if no other reason than for those we love. Remember everything is always changing. If you dedicate yourself to a daily practice of sitting in stillness, you will connect to a vastness that reminds that we are more than these aging bodies.

In my humble opinion, daily stillness is the ultimate elixir to aging gracefully. Not to mention future generations will be dependent upon this way of existing. 

cover image courtesy Nicolai Berntsen

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