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Reading for the Collective || Full Moon in Scorpio

Reading for the Collective || Full Moon in Scorpio

A lot can be learned by

turning inward

Full moon in Scorpio Tarot for the Collective: 

What is currently taking place: The STAR🌟

The cracks are where the light gets in ... is the phase I've come to associate with The Star. The star comes in to help us deeply heal, and she hangs around for a while. Filling up all the cracks that have been created due to past trauma. Healing us. Deep breaths babes. Allow her to heal what is ready to be healed.

What is leaving this Full Moon : EIGHT OF SWORDS

The past moon phase may have had us feeling stuck. Trapped. Unable to see another way out. Take a deep breath, because there is always an alternate way. And easier way. And we are now able to see that clearly. We have transformed and are now able to see that there is always an easier way forward. Let go of the old beliefs that have conditioned us to only see one way.

What is coming in this Full Moon: FOUR OF CRYSTALS

The FOC is a time where we may be moving slightly inward. We are not necessarily lot, but a little sensitive and in need of taking some energetic spaces for ourselves. Honor that. We may not want to be social, and that is OK. It is a time where there can be a lot to learn by turning inward. A time to take an energetic break, getting really clear and setting boundaries.


It seems so appropriate to receive this card, just as Saturn has gone retrograde. Fives are cards of contract they bring us to a complete stop. The FOS is like The Devil card, with training wheels. Be compassionate with yourself. We are humans and it is part of the human experience to make mistakes. The medicine is to realize this, forgive yourself and take a step back onto the path. Know that nothing is unforgivable. 

I hope this reading deeply serves!

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