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What are We all Seeking?

What are We all Seeking?

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More than ever, we live in times where people are hyper-focused, disconnected and obsessed with The Body. Many naively believe they are The Body and nothing more. Extreme focus is being placed upon perfecting the body through rigorous exercises, obsessive eating plans and a plethora of products. We are all aimlessly led to believe that when we have a great body then we will discover lasting happiness and satisfaction. But take a look around, as a society we are at the height of unhappiness, loneliness and isolation.

The belief that our body can fulfill and sustain our deepest desire is an illusion and it keeps us from connecting with our most intimate self - The Supreme Self. 

We are all seeking connection - some searching knowingly and others unknowingly. 

The Supreme Self graciously awaits for each of us to awaken from our slumber. Upon awakening we discover an impermament connection beyond mere words.  

Connecting to spirit begins with understanding the temperance of The Body. Realizing The Mind upholds The Body's sensory experiences (everything that is felt within the physical body). Their is a predictable and natural tendency of The Mind, a thought enters The Mind - the thought that enters is outside our control; however, it is within our control to choose to follow A Thought.

Here's how this works. The Body is doing a downward dog. A thought enters The Mind that says, "That's far enough". We do not have to take ahold of the thread of that thought and begin weaving a story. Such as, "That's far enough, oh my gosh, I hurt my left hamstring when I was in the 10th grade I guess that will never get better. .. etc. etc. " With awareness and patience we can begin to cultivate a practice that continues to direct and re-direct The Mind unto The Breath -- which in turn begins to starve The Ego. And remember, The Ego believes that it is The Body - it identifies and over identifies with The Body leading us further into suffering. 

How do we begin to connect with what we are seeking while practicing yoga?

Often times practitioners of yoga experience a profound connection in the beginning. It comes as a surprise, they feel a sense of peace that leaves them searching for more. They return and even commit themselves to yoga in search of that same or a similar experience. However, this is the perfect conditions for suffering. Because we never experience the same thing twice. Being open to a new or different experience will lead the student to less suffering - simply by staying close to curiosity. 

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