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Hearing Whispers of the Heart

Hearing Whispers of the Heart


We all long to be happy and know happiness, we are hardwired in this way. But living happily and peacefully ask that we embody all the aspects of this mysterious life. Our tendency is to push away the painful, and grasp the enjoyable experiences. Sadly, this only distances us from the love that we actually seek. The more we open to the fullness of life, the more we soften our beliefs, the more the heart opens. The heart naturally opens when we embrace the totality of life. Whether we have suffered a loss, have difficulty connecting to the heart center or seek a more authentic way of living from the heart. We can learn this way of living by carefully examining the amazing examples of sages and great spiritual teachers.

Life has a way of being beautiful and tragic all at the same time. We each experience loss, grief, pain and heartbreak. These disappointments have an effect upon our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies — particularly the heart. “Sorrows” cause us to contract, protect and even withdraw from life. It is in these vulnerable moments that we must invite the heartbreak deeply inside. We have to create a space for the pain (similar to the way one might cradle a helpless injured bird). We are so busy “trying” to feel good, “trying” to escape pain when at the core of transformation is opening ourselves fully to life — its mysteriousness, its beauty, its heartbreaks and all.

My teacher, Adyashanti often says, “In the end, we will either retreat into self-protection, or acknowledge the reality of sorrow and love anyway.” - Adyashanti

I want to share some statements, affirmations, meditations and simple thoughts that have helped me to LOVE even more

  • Pause, take a few deep breath, connect to the stillness inside and silently ask yourself, “What does the heart want?” As opposed to our natural tendency which is of the mind or ego — a profound shift happens when we are willing to ask such a simple question

  • Find a way to love for the shear sake of loving despite the heartache, pain, sorrow, envy and etc. Often times when I find myself closing off or protecting I quietly whisper to the universe, “I love enough to soften and open.” In moments where we feel like closing it is incredibly important to remember and be mindful of a higher calling.

  • Begin to let your own needs falls away — We are each called to serve, to love and to giveback without expectations of receiving

  • Life is mysterious and uncertain Personally I spent years futilely attempting to make life predictable; however when I accepted the uncertainty of it I realized there is beauty in that space. The sweetness of what the universe has to extend patiently waits for (our egoic) demands and needs to control to dissolve

  • Realize we are here to know and experience divinity — our own divinity

  • Stillness When we become really present we are sensing the world through the deepest part of our Being. Therefore if we desire a deeper heart connection presence is needed. Sitting in the rich and profound space of stillness, there’s no escaping (or bypassing) the yearnings of the heart. And that is one of life’s greatest gift to know thy heart

  • Falling in love with a deity, a guru, higher self, nature, or God

  • Express through music, dance, singing, yoga, movement, etc.

  • Create Take time to create something that invigorates you … something that helps you feel a deep sense of love. Such as art, a sketch, preparing a meal or simple recipe, knitting, create a collage of images

Be in nature

see if you can merge with a flower

  • Create a mandala or a flower mandala

  • Offer yourself a spiritual bath

  • Pray to hear the whispers of the heart. Hold an intention such as, “How can I serve beyond mySELF? How can I serve Truth? How can I serve Grace?” or God?

  • Journal: At the top of the page, jot down these words: “If I could hear the heart this is what I believe it to say …………..?”

  • Guided Meditation This particular meditation guides one straight to love and opening the heart. There are countless heart (anahata) centered guided mediations available, find one that resonates with you.

  • Bija Mantra To understand more about The Powers of ‘Bija Mantra’ visit here

When we commit to live in this way an opening appears that graciously extends freedom and love to not only others but to ourselves as well. A final thought is to seek experiences and ways in which you personally and uniquely experience love so much so that you become love itself. .

“What you seek is seeking you.” -Rumi

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