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Reimagine Relationships

Reimagine Relationships


Teach yourself

How to love more deeply

I have been motivated to strengthen and cultivate my relationships since I was a teenager. My formative years were influenced by my parents trying marriage. It became apparent to me early on that I had to teach myself how to love within a relationship. This desire influenced and inspired me to earn a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Additionally, I have chosen to immerse myself in books, retreats, seminars, studies, yoga and spirituality as a way to find the love I have been yearning for.

I do believe that self love is the most powerful elixir in finding satisfaction within relationships. However, I’ll save that for another post but please understand I see this as nonnegotiable and vital to the health of any relationship.

Hold onto faith that there is always a way to improve upon our relationships and ultimately what we desire is more love and acceptance and the moment we offer this to ourselves — we begin to experience a transformative and powerful shift. Our willingness to change is at the root of healing and experiencing love from others.

Be the change you desire!

if you want love, then give more love. If you want forgiveness then be prepared to forgive others.

Disclaimer - I have completed or tried everything mentioned below except the online course. But I have taken other DailyOm courses and they have all been top notch.

If all else fails pray for a way to open.

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