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Holistically Soothe Inflammation

Holistically Soothe Inflammation


Through nourishment

We connect with an inner stamina

As a mid 40s woman, I practice a demanding form of yoga, 6 days a week, as well as lifting weights and walking - my body needs extra love in order to meet my demands.

As we age, it becomes imperative that we pay closer attention to the body’s subtle cues — To cultivate slowing down, relaxing, enjoying nutrient dense foods that offers the body additional morsels of tender love and care.

If we want to maintain our level of activity as we age, we must honor and balance our movement energies with softness and surrender. For years, I worked as an orthopedic operating room nurse and and office orthopedic nurse. These experiences showed me that when we hold ourselves in a state of content pushing without nourishing reparative actions — there will be increased fatigue, stiffness, aches and the dreaded inflammation. Research continues to reveal the detrimental effects constant inflammation has upon our bodies, minds and soul.

Pain is often the first indication that the body is experiencing inflammation. I invite you to educate yourself upon ways to create balance within your body and mind. When the body is properly nourished we experience decreased pain, increased flexibility and overall increased enjoyment of life.

Here are some practical ways to shower your body with love. And, please remember it’s vital to extend gratitude toward the body. It is such a work horse that we often blindly take it for granted. The body has much to say and teach those who listen, so pause once in while and breath deeply into your body’s master wisdom. Sit in stillness for 5 minutes and see what it has to say. It is by far our very best tool for connecting to that which sustains all of life.

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